Wanita Ini Boleh Gaji Pemandu RM35,000 Sebulan, Tapi Setelah Membaca ‘4 Syarat’ Ini, Ramai Undur Diri !!!

Beginner Tips : How To Invest Money Wisely 

The individual finance community is a funny bunch. We complain unendingly about the average person not having very much money saved up, and yet most of our investing articles assume the reader has heaps of money to invest.
Is anyone else seeing a chicken or the egg scenario here?
Quick story: When I first got hired at a bank, the bank organized the second week of the job as a marathon of credit training. Why they hired me without anything to do for a week, we’ll never know.
Anyway, week two of the job starts up and I’m thrust into a room with other new hires learning about the basics of lending for 9 hours a day. The course had a detailed and promising curriculum, and everyone was excited to get learning.
And the training was a total disaster.
The instructors for this “introductory” class had a minimum of 30+ years of banking experience. They were experts in their field, and the career bankers had simply forgotten what is was like to start a career.
Concepts that were second nature to them were completely foreign to us. They constantly talked over our head, and neither the teachers nor the students could speak to each other in the same language if our careers depended on it.
Today, I notice a similar phenomenon on the web. Millionaires retirees try to get people with only a couple thousand dollars, or less, to start investing.
As a somewhat recent college grad who vividly remembers what it’s like scraping together part-time income just to have something to invest, I’m hoping I’ll be a little more successful at showing you how to invest with little money, than the 60 year-old bankers explaining credit default swaps to fresh faced new hires.

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