Setiap Hari Dia Beli Nasi Putih Sambil Menangis Di Kantin Ini. Lepas 20 Tahun Kemudian “SESUATU” Terjadi

4 Great Choice Low-Risk Mutual Funds

Even in the best of times, most people don't care about whether the stock funds they own top the performance charts or beat the market. What most of us want are funds that produce decent profits in good markets and the most important, limit losses in bad times.
That’s reality today because these are hardly the best of times. The global economic recovery remains anemic outside of emerging markets. Federal, state and local governments, as well as many consumers, are up to their eyeballs in debt. 
Starting in January, the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives will make it difficult, if not impossible, to enact any additional large-scale economic stimulus measures.
I think the stock market will continue to provide an unusually bumpy ride for the next several years. My best guess is that stocks will rise despite those bumps, but at closer to an annualized rate of 5% to 7% than at their historical average of 9.5% per year.
Below I offer a selection of low-risk funds for investors who are unhappy with the microscopic yields of bank products and who are aware that bond funds provide little or no protection against the real risk of rising interest rates and inflation in coming years. Each of the funds invests in both stocks and bonds. I list them from least risky to most risky. But even the most risky fund here is low-risk compared with the overall stock market.

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