Masyaallah ! Perbuatan Anak Norman Hakim Ini Buat Ramai Terharu...Dia Simpan Nama Semua Ahli Keluarga Dalam Dalam Qur'an Supaya..

How to Raise Equity Investment in The End Of Year

Since this year is moving toward the end, the time has come to take a tally of what was to be done, what is done, and what needs to be done if we wish to stay ahead. This applies to your investment portfolio as in case of life goals. So, stay tuned as we present to you most important pointers to raise equity investment in the coming year 2017.

Past is the teacher as far as financial markets go. If you wish to understand the impact of the investment decisions (consider stocks, mutual funds etc.), then it is imperative that you look at your investment portfolio. This is an important step before diving into next year’s investment decisions, as it will give an adjustment chance if you need one. For e.g. if you have been following your portfolio goals considering your kid’s high education as a mid-long-term goal for all these years and the next year is going to be the first year of college for your little one, then what? You will need to rearrange your portfolio to make way for liquid funds for admission and tuition fees if your child opts for an expensive course.
Yes, following the herd blindly and imitating every other move of any “favored” group is something sheep do! So, avoid basing your investment decisions and ideology on any of your friend, relative or colleagues. Even if they are making profits based on any tip given by any broker or trader or any other so-called insider source, it may happen that bull market trend may turn into the bear rally, once these sources achieve profit. This may cause a big setback if you have purchased the stock which is not so fundamentally strong, in the bull market and wait to see if it rises even higher and ultimately face the loss which may be huge enough to hamper the investment portfolio.
Warren Buffet has introduced the concept of value investing or value stocks, which refers to investing pattern where the investor seeks to invest in undervalued but which possess the high growth potential in coming years. Such stocks must be researched and can be traced after deep analysis and technical fundamental analysis. In brief, invest in a company and not in the stocks, which will make you seek for sound financial fundamentals and not fall for any hype for high-low or stop loss.
It likewise goes along in another way. You should always understand the business of the company in which you are going to invest. Think of the stocks as businesses and not as merely stocks. By this way, you will be inclined towards investing in fundamentally sound and potentially progressive but undervalued stocks in the market. Indeed, even you can enlist the money related organizer for expanding your budgetary portfolio.

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