Hebatnya Yusuf Azmi dan PPIM, Bongkar Sembilan "Dragon" Kawal Malaysia...Rupa Rupanya Salah Seorangnya...

The Easiest Way To Invest in Gold

The easiest way to invest in gold is to purchase physical gold as coins, bullion or bars. You can also get gold from jewelry. However, the gold must be weighed and valued for it to be of any investment worth. If you are buying gold coins, you should buy national mints, not collectible coins. Gold collectible coins are only worthy because they can be melted down. For investments, you will need minted coins approved by the IRA. You can add these coins to your IRA as well.
Gold bullion or bar ownership is the most popular way of owning physical gold. Valcambi combibars are particularly popular among gold owners because these can be broken down into smaller pieces suitable for trading. You should find a reputable trader to buy physical gold. Dealers like Coininvest, Lear Capital, BullionVault and The Real Asset Company offer gold assets as well as storage options.
Gold ETFs are the next best way to invest in gold after direct ownership. ETFs are a type of mutual fund. These do trades on stocks just like regular stock exchange portfolios. The difference is that the portfolio is fixed in advance so it doesn’t change throughout the exchanging process. Gold ETFs trade only in one, single asset: gold. You can search for Gold ETFs in the U.S. by looking for the telling “GLD” symbol.  Gold ETFs are an easy and practical way to hedge your cash assets with the precious metal.
These shared assets have portfolios loaded with gold stock. This is not the best way to own gold, but it’s a good alternative way to get your hands on the precious metals without directly owning any. The gold stock in portfolios belongs to mining companies. So, there will be a risk involved, unlike with owning actual physical gold. When investing in a gold mutual fund, choose a portfolio with senior gold stock. That is stock belonging to large, experienced gold mining companies with considerable capital, like Newmont Mining. Senior gold stock originates from organizations that are less inclined to go bankrupt at any point in the near future.

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