Bertatu Kalimah Allah Di Kaki, Netizen Kecam "Dah Takde Tatu Lain Ke Bodoh?"

The three important key tasks of investment management

1. Evaluate clients’ financial goals and attitude to risk

Investment management firms need key information such as how much the client has to invest, how much return they want when they’ll need to access their money, and how much they’re willing to risk losing.

2. Keep an Eye on potential investments

Investments range from cash deposits and government bonds to shares in new companies with unpredictable futures. An investment management company needs to be aware of the possibilities and calculate the investment risks and returns of each. That’s the job of an investment analyst.

3. Generate investment strategies

Each client needs a portfolio of investments that match their goals. A diverse portfolio, with investments spread across many different assets, reduces risk – it’s a case of not putting all your eggs in one basket.
That’s the basic outline of an investment firm’s business. There are a huge number of ways to go about it. Firms might manage investment funds for multiple investors. They might invest in private equity. And there are other tasks for the firm, such as business development and marketing, IT, pricing and accounting. 

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