Berhenti Merokok Dalam Masa 6 Bulan, Pemuda Ini Berjaya Kumpul RM4875

Learn How to Invest Like an Institution

For those investors who have survived one or more major market downturns, They have been learned some lessons. Some firms not only survive those downturns but profit handsomely from them. What is the secret of investment companies fare better than others and survive market waves?
Successful companies have a long-term investment philosophy and they abide by that. They also have a strong investment strategy that they formalize within their products and understand that while taking some risk is part of the game, a steady, disciplined approach ensures long-term success. Once the key tools of successful investment firms are understood, they can easily be adopted by individual investors to become successful. By adopting some of their strategies, you can invest like the pros.

Strength in Strategy

Determine a strong investment philosophy before you consider any investment strategy. An investment philosophy is a basis for investment policies and procedures and, ultimately, long-term plans. In a nutshell, an investment philosophy is a set of core beliefs from which all investment strategies are developed. In order for an investment philosophy to be sound, it must be based on reasonable expectations and assumptions of how historical information can serve as a tool for proper investment guidance.
For example, the investment philosophy, "to beat the market every year" is a positive goal, but it is too vague and does not incorporate sound principles. It's also important for a sound investment philosophy to define investment time horizons, asset classes in which to invest and guidance on how to respond to market volatility while adhering to your investment principles. A sound long-term investment philosophy also keeps successful firms on track with those guidelines, rather than chasing trends and temptations.

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